In 1966 American GI's, from the Barracks in Fürth, founded the
Iron Horses MC. They had already brought the Colours with them from the USA. In 1971 the first German members joined.
In this area they held big paries and rallies, among them the famous "HOG-Rallies". There were also a lot of rallies in foreign parts, e.g. to Ghostriders in the Netherlands, or to Club66 in England.

In 1974 the Nuremberg Chapter decided to organize the first German Presidents-Rally, which was held by the Lawmen MC Frankfurt.
At the beginning of the eighties, the first Chapters developed in Den Haag and Mons. There were more to follow.
Iron Horses understands itself as an MC furthermore.
In the meantime Iron Horses have spread from Italy to Wales and from Hungary to Northern Germany.

2006: 40 years anniversary party in Hofbieber (Germany)


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